T 400 T-Racer Patio Accessory

T 400 T-Racer. For cleaning flat surfaces without splash back. With additional power nozzle for efficient cleaning of corners and edges. Height adjustable for improved cleaning.

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Product Description

T 300 T Racer – ideal for cleaning flat stone or wooden surfaces, e.g. patios, balconies, drives, paths and walls without splash back. Cleaning vertical surfaces, e.g. garage doors or facades is easy with the T 400 T Racer. T 400 T Racer is also ideal for cleaning crushed stone or gravel surfaces, e.g. Japanese gardens. Features two rotating flat jet nozzles for better cleaning results for large areas. Additional power nozzle for cleaning corners and edges with excellent results. Simple changeover from normal T-Racer nozzles to power nozzle for improved cleaning results. T 400 T Racer features height adjustable nozzles for improved cleaning. Other Kärcher accessories can be connected to extension lances. T 400 T Racer is suitable for all Kärcher K4 – K7 series domestic pressure washers.