KM 70/30 C Bp Adv

A battery powered Push Sweeper convenient for indoor and outdoor use.

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Product Description

The KM 70/30 C Bp Adv is based on the popular KM 70/20 and includes all of its outstanding features. However, the KM 70/30 C BP Adv features the additional benefits of an electrically powered main roller brush and side brush. The machine is also supplied with an integrated extraction system for dust free applications.

  • EASY (Ergonomic Application SYstem)
    Select the appropriate programme with a single knob self explanatory symbol system
  • The push handle can be set to three different positions to suit the height and reach of the user
  • The push handle folds down completely, saving on space during storage
  • The main roller brush can be raised or lowered to one of six settings to suit the surface being swept. The contact pressure of the retractable side brush can also be adjusted
  • Great sweeping results even in hard to reach areas
  • The new extraction system ensures that you leave a dust environment, ideal for indoors
  • Dirt collected by the roller brush is transferred directly into the waste container
  • An built-in fine dust filter retains the dust created during sweeping to keep the air clean
  • The ergonomically shaped handle ensures easy handling and emptying
  • Two different positions available include:
    1. Main roller brush and side brush “ON”
    2. Main roller brush, side brush and extraction system “ON”

Additional Information

Weight 47 kg
Dimensions 1240 x 710 x 1150 mm