Puzzi 200

An exceptional Spray Extraction Cleaner for deep down cleaning.

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Product Description

A powerful spray extraction unit designed for easy, efficient deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and textile flooring. The Puzzi 200 is an exceptional all rounder, with added features which makes using the machine even quicker and easier. The spray rate and pressure are both double that of the Puzzi 100, giving you increased cleaning performance. The Puzzi 200 is also fitted with a defoaming tank, which when used with Kärcher anti-foaming chemical, stops the build up of foam in the dirty water tank. This is particularly helpful for cleaning areas that have previously been treated with chemical. The PW 10 power brush (optional accessory) can be attached to the Puzzi 200 increasing the performance by up to 35%. Ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, shops and the automotive industry.

  • Convenient storage compartment for detergent tablets
  • Separate fresh water tank with filter element enables long operating periods and protects pump from contamination
  • Accessory holder on handle
  • The PW 10 power brush can be attached to the Puzzi 200 increasing the performance by up to 35% (optional accessory)
  • Compact shock proof, lightweight plastic housing
  • 2 large wheels and 2 castors for excellent manoeuvrability
  • 2 push buttons (Spraying & vacuuming) gives the option to pre-spray
  • Automatic supply in the waste water of RM 761 via the integrated defoamer device
  • Removable dirty water tank for easy disposal of waste

Additional Information

Weight 12.1 kg
Dimensions 665 x 320 x 435 mm