NT 75/2 Ap Me Tc

Multi-purpose high capacity wet and dry vacuum.

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Product Description

The NT 75/2 Ap Me Tc is a professional multipurpose wet and dry vacuum cleaner which is specially designed for superior cleaning performance in tough environments. The stainless steel container holds 75 litres and is resistant to corrosion and aggressive detergents. The titling chassis makes it easier to empty fluids from the container. The flat-pleated filter is efficiently self-cleaned by blasts of air for virtually constant suction power. The NT 75/2 Ap Me Tc features an automatic shut-down system which stops the motors when maximum capacity is reached. Additional features like the adjustable push handle, high mobility and robustness complete this professional vacuum cleaner.

Additional Information

Weight 26.5 kg
Dimensions 575 x 490 x 880 mm