NT 45/1 Tact (110V)

Indispensable All Purpose Vacuum Cleaner for demanding applications.

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Product Description

A new powerful and extremely robust wet & dry vacuum cleaner equipped with a unique, highly efficient, automatic filter cleaning device (TACT) designed to pick up large quantities of fine dust whilst maintaining constant high suction power. This indispensable all purpose vacuum is great for keeping workshops or building sites clean. With a new innovative TACT (Triggered Air draft Cleaning Technology) system, Kärcher sets new standards in filter cleaning efficiency. This works via pressure reversal or filter back flushing which is activated every 15 seconds. Productivity is increased as the service time for filter and bag cleaning/changes are not required as often.

  • Constant high suction power – As a result of the fully automatic TACT filter cleaning system
  • Innovative Eco flat pleated filter system
  • On/off switch for TACT system with LED display
  • Kärcher clip-system (suction hose)
  • Integrated accessory holder on back of the machine
  • Suction hose and power cord can be stored on the turbine head
  • Large recessed flat tray on top of the unit for holding tools and accessories

Additional Information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 520 x 380 x 695 mm