K4 Premium Eco Home

K4 Premium Eco Home

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Product Description

K4 Premium Eco Home is part of the ecologic range that can reduce water consumption by 20% when carrying out easier tasks. It is an upright, mobile unit for medium usage, and comes with a patio cleaner and detergent package, Ideal for cleaning medium size patios & decking as well as garden furniture, bicycles, cars and motorbikes.

Features & Benefits
■ Eco rotary switch which reduces energy and water by 20%
■ Long life water-cooled motor
■ Quick connect system for the high-pressure hose
■ Plug ‘n’ Clean System for quick and convenient changeover between different detergents
■ Large cable and hose hook for a neat storage solution
■ Ergonomic carry handle
■ Automatic stop/start motor when the trigger is released
■ Water inlet filter prevents dirt particles from damaging the pump

Accessories Included
■ Vario lance
■ Dirtblaster
■ T250 T-racer patio cleaner
■ Eco Universal plug & clean detergent0
■ Trigger gun
■ Suction hose & filter
■ 6m Eco high pressure hose