HDS 5/11 U

Using hot water can reduce cleaning time by up to 40% and improve final results. This is because oil and grease stains emulsify and flow easier when heated, making them quicker to shift.

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Product Description

Kärcher – the inventor of the hot water pressure cleaner – introduces its first portable model, revolutionising hot water high pressure cleaning. Never before has cleaning with hot water been so simple and so convenient. The new HDS 5/11 U is designed to be as easy to use and transport as a Kärcher cold water pressure cleaner, but with the added cleaning performance that comes from using water heated to 80°C. With simple OFF-COLD-HOT operation, small footprint and typical Kärcher design and build quality, the 5/11 U is the perfect machine for light-medium duty cleaning tasks where time is of the essence. Hot water also accelerates chemical processes, making detergents work quicker. On top of all this, the object being cleaned will dry more quickly because it has been warmed by the hot water.

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Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 620 x 620 x 995 mm