BV 5/1 Bp

Lightweight and powerful battery-powered backpack vacuum cleaner.

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Product Description

Kärcher’s new BV 5/1 Bp backpack vacuum is designed for quick and effective vacuum cleaning of hard-to-reach, fast turnaround areas such as public transport, aeroplanes, cinemas, theatres and stairwells. With innovative hybrid technology, this machine can run on batteries where access to a power supply is difficult, but can be operated from a normal power outlet as well. Running time with 2 rechargeable batteries is about 35 minutes. They can be
recharged and ready for operation again in only one hour. Choosing a Kärcher BV 5/1 Bp vacuum can dramatically increase productivity in these cleanliness-critical areas. The machine features a 5 litre capacity and a single, powerful vacuum motor.

  • Patented Air Stream Comfort strap system, with ventilation and wide adjustment range ensures operator comfort even over long operating periods
  • Ergonomic design keeps controls and accessories
  • easy to reach at all times
  • Permanent, washable main filter basket allows machine to operate with or without filter bag
  • Standard fleece filter bag and optional HEPA filter bag offer exceptional dust filtration.
  • Wide range of accessories to suit individual applications.
  • Batteries mounted on waist belt for excellent weight distribution.

Additional Information

Weight 8.3 kg
Dimensions 400 x 320 x 540 mm