BRC 50/70 W Bp Pack

Battery-powered walk behind carpet cleaning machine for deep and interim cleaning of large carpet areas

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Product Description

The BRC 50/70 W Bp offers high performance deep and interim cleaning for large carpet areas. With 36V, maintenance-free gel batteries, the BRC 50/70 W Bp can operate for several hours at a time, making light work of large areas of carpet. As well as giving superb deep cleaning results in a single pass, the BRC 50/70 W Bp can be used for interim two-stage cleaning, providing fast, efficient cleaning of carpets, with very short drying times. Using Kärcher’s iCapsol detergent, medium-large area carpets can be cleaned and ready for vacuuming within 20 minutes.

Additional Information

Weight 290 kg
Dimensions 1400 x 700 x 1100 mm